Brain Splitter

I guess most of you are aware of the scientific approach to creativity by the theory of brain hemispheres. Summing up, this theory states that our right brain hemisphere is specialized on intuitive and artistic thinking, whereas our left brain hemisphere deals with problems by using scientific and logical approaches. Though they are both complementary, […]

Think Tank

Brainstorming is the classical ideas generation tool, but many experts are coincident about its limitations. A Brainstorming session is asymmetric as a result of the different skills of the people involved. Additionally, simultaneous talking and hearing takes place, which is not the best alley for ideas generation. Brainwriting is said to be an enhanced variant […]

Bionic Ideas

Mother nature is always available for showing us examples about how to solve problems. Years and years of evolution have provided this exceptional ability to overcome difficulties and find wise solutions for a given difficulty. The post below describes this issue and suggests the best way to think of  optimal approaches to a given challenge, […]

Hall of fame

When we confront a problem, most of us would be pleased if getting support from famous and relevant characters. Who wouldn’t be honored if getting a wise advice from a Noble prize winner? Who wouldn’t feel lucky if being counseled by a former president? Who wouldn’t be happy if being guided by an extraordinary artist? […]

Free association

Is your creativity a reflection of your inborn skills or may it be trained? Theorists are mostly for the latter one, even though we cannot hide the existence of especially gifted creative people who are particularly good at creativity. The post below explores a step beyond and even suggests that our psych exerts an important […]

Personal analogy

When trying to improve an existing product and increasing its performance by means of added services, a very interesting tool to be used is the “personal analogy”. Same happens if a current service is analyzed in order to widen its scope. This unstructured technique permits an excellent approach to any kind of challenge you want […]