Oneiric vision

Images are important elements for creativity. If lateral thinking is required, pictures are excellent activators for igniting ideas generation directly born in our right brain hemisphere. Since visual activation plays an important role in creativity, what better than an image to boost it? Hence when trying to solve a challenge a very useful technique is the one known as “Oneiric Vision”. Take a look at the splendid article in the link below to understand more about it.

This tool is an excellent technique for unstructured problems and challenges for which just simple questions are to be answered. If you try to find creative solutions to a given problem, a good way to do it is by using it as it follows:

1) Define the challenge to be solved by the team. Choose an evocative image which can inspire the team members and help them to look beyond the obvious. Pretend that the image has suddenly appeared in your mind during a dream. Pure lateral thinking! For example, if you want to explore innovative solution for getting faster responses for you customers’ claims, why not thinking of them by looking at a portrait of the jungle? How about using a picture of the moon to find a creative solution? Maybe an erupting volcano to find inspiration?

2) Observe the picture and think of the challenge solution on a broad manner. Namely, explore the picture and let your mind run freely and link image elements one to another. So the moon picture may suggest quietness, and then peace, and then a white flag, and finally cleanliness. Should we improve our customers’ claims response by “cleaning” the claim? Does it mean we send a present to the customers after solving the claim and finally call them back to really interest us about the resolution of the problem? Or does it mean we get rid of the customer and that’s how we “clean it”? (hey!, remember this is just generation stage and not selection of promising ideas! -which would come later- :-).

Using different images help us to come across imaginative solutions. The more distant the image is to the challenge, the better. Practice it and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Hail to the creativity!

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