Forced Attributes

There is no day when you do not learn something new. Just looking around you, you can find many things which provide a new way of watching, exploring, or even a completely new approach to something. A LinkedIn colleague, Paco Corma, has shared in his blog a very interesting way to develop product modifications by […]

Object Brainstorming

Non animated objects are fantastic elements to help you to unfold our creativity skills. They help to take us to distant places where new perspectives of a given area can be found. Regardless you are trying to focus on new ideas for products, services, etc, they are a good option if you want to increase […]

Random Brainwriting

Maybe you remember one of my previous posts in which the “Brainwrinting” technique was mentioned. It included a link to a very interesting blog were 7 creativity techniques were described, including an alternative approach to the classical “Brainwriting” tool. By surfing in Internet and looking for new methodologies, I have come across another “Brainwriting” variation […]

Two words

Several days ago I read a post speaking about the creativity as a metaphor of children brick games. It described the creativity as something which must be build little by little using your experience as a raw material. It brought to my mind a creativity technique which actually works like a brick game, using […]


Could you imagine how ancient Egyptians may increase your creativity? Yes, it’s possible by lateral thinking promotion. A typical resource to increase your capacity for ideas generation is by using unrelated stimuli, as you have been able to read in several previous posts of this blog. The great author Michael Michalko was the first one […]