Random Brainwriting

Maybe you remember one of my previous posts in which the “Brainwrinting” technique was mentioned. It included a link to a very interesting blog were 7 creativity techniques were described, including an alternative approach to the classical “Brainwriting” tool.

By surfing in Internet and looking for new methodologies, I have come across another “Brainwriting” variation which has delighted me. It combines both dynamic participation and unrelated stimuli association, whose combination is amazing. I’m longing for testing it as soon as I can in one of my next innovation sessions.

It’s a method whose main advantage is that the amount of people working simultaneously for ideas generation is virtually unlimited. The proper way to organize the teamwork is described as follows:

1) Every people is informed in advance about the challenge which is going to be undertaken. They must bring to the session at least one idea previously generated.

2) When everybody is available, they are told to select the most promising idea they own. They must stand and get distributed around the room on a circle. They write down their idea on a paper which must be stuck to the wall.

3) They move one position clockwise and read the idea which was written by the neighbor. Their task is to generate a new idea after reading the previous one and evolving it in order to make it better. This new idea is written down below the initial one.

4) They move again, but this time two positions clockwise. The process to be followed is the same, namely further evolution of the last idea. The new one is written down below again.

5) Same process, same movement, but this time three positions clockwise. A new evolved idea is written down below the previous ones.

6)  New movement is required, this time one position only. But an additional creative element is included in this row, since instead of doing a free evolution of the idea, an enhanced evolution according to a given pattern must be provided. How? Just by asking people to write down a new idea as long as it matches a question. This question must be weird enough to ensure lateral thinking and radical evolution is achieved. For instance, how would you ensure the idea is suitable and usable by a baby? Another example, how would you implement it if your customers were martians who do not speak your language? One more example, how would you develop it if no computers were available in the world? Depending on the challenge, the bizarre question must be designed so that it permits a zigzag evolution to enrich the ideas generation process.

7) People are told to move again, two positions this time, and write down a new idea evolving the original one.

8) The process is finished now and everybody is requested to go back to their previous position in order to select the best idea which has been developed from their original one.

Do you want to know more about it? Find below the link to read further description of the topic.


The main pro of this technique is that you can combine it with several individual creativity tools in order to enhance the result. These tools may be either your own ones or some of the techniques I have been sharing with you in previous posts of this blog. Do you want to insert the “Wildest Idea” in between? Do you want to force people’s inspiration by showing them an “Oneiric Vision” in one of the steps?

Appealing, isn’t it? The more you play, the more you gain.

Hail to the creativity?

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