Object Brainstorming

Non animated objects are fantastic elements to help you to unfold our creativity skills. They help to take us to distant places where new perspectives of a given area can be found. Regardless you are trying to focus on new ideas for products, services, etc, they are a good option if you want to increase your idea generation rate. See the link below to learn about a very appealing story.


In the post above an animal-like object was used as stimulus for the generation of a new product. The “Object Brainstorming” technique is based on the same concept, though it actually uses objects to think of new uses of a given product or service that you want to enhance. First time I heard about it was in the book “Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers”, by Dave Gray , Sunni Brown and James Macanufo. This technique is based on force stimulus to generate new ideas for current products or services. By concentrating on real objects and trying to get inspiration from them, new ideas emerge and help us to slightly adapt or completely transform the element which is being challenged during the exercise.

Let’s us see an example…

Imagine you are a mobile phone app developer. You want to improve one of the well known applications for social communication which keep you on touch with friends everywhere. So your challenge is to develop a new apps based on the same concept but you focus on launching something new with extended characteristics.

How about using a dice as the object to get inspiration from? The action of rolling it and getting a random result? May it mean that every week a kind of lottery is available for free enrollment and the prize is suggesting new enhancements of the app to the programmers? You would be credited for it and known by all users. May the die mean that only 6 faces are always available? This take us to a special service where you can create and join a restricted group of 6 close friends for whom video messages are available by paying just 1$  as yearly fee. Many groups are allowed to be created, but you can only belong to one.

How about using a shoe as the object to lend ideas from? You use shoes for walking. So why not thinking of your app as a walking tracking device? You may enable geopositioning for a limited amount of 6 close friends only. They would instantly know where you are by taking a look at the app map. The app may as well allow some basic personal information sharing for allowing your close friend to choose a present for you if they want to. Your shoes or clothes size? Your birthday?

This may continue to the infinity and beyond, since the only limit is your imagination. Remember this is just idea generation and not idea selection, since in this stage you are just interested in potential ways of improving your product or service. Examination, rejection and final selection will come later.

Choose an object and try. It’s easy and very efficient.

Hail to the creativity!


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